Which ones are better, Airpods or Samsung Gear Iconx?

Which ones are better, Airpods or Samsung Gear Iconx?

By default, it is considered that if you have an Android, of course, you should take a Samsung Gear Iconx; and if you have an iPhone, you should take Airpods. But it’s not that simple. In this article, we will compare Samsung Gear Iconx vs AirPods┬áso that you can choose the option you need.

The headphone case

The Airpods case is definitely cuter. It’s smaller, lighter, with magnets and a cap, and even headphones are magnetic at the bottom as well.  The downside is – it gets very dirty. In a few months, it loses its angelic appearance. And another drawback: it happens when one earphone is not charged and you do not know about it. But Samsung Gear Iconx has an indicator for each earphone. The case of Samsung Gear Iconx is pleasant to touch thanks to a matte soft-touch plastic. Yet, it opens and closes with the feeling that the lock is already broken, which is a little bit annoying. But AirPods are just soothing.


Both headphones have fast charging. The autonomy is claimed to be similar and not weak, by the way.  In everyday life, it’s hard to correctly measure which ones are survivable, but based on feedback from AirPods users, they are more durable.  

Additional features of AirPods and Samsung Gear Iconx

First, let’s talk about the common features that both earphones have.

The “find the headphones” function. It seems to be better implemented in AirPods. You can see the geolocation in the Find My iPhone app. But how does it actually work? In Find My iPhone, the geolocation shows the position that was locked while pairing with your iPhone. Only when you pair the headphones with your iPhone, it receives a notification with a geoposition – “headphones found nearby”. That’s when you’ve already got them in your hand.

Second, there’s an amplifying beeping sound that’s coming from the headphones. It’s Find My iPhone for AirPods and the Gear for Samsung Gear Iconx. For the former, it will only work when the headphones are out of the case and paired to your phone. For the latter, it is also relevant when they are in the case. If you forgot them in another room or they were stolen, this feature will not help you. But you can easily find them in your pocket, bag, under your pillow or in the fridge. You can save a couple of minutes or even several hours.

Headphone accelerometer

In Airpods, it’s responsible for a comfortable fit. If you take one earpiece from your ear, the playback pauses,  if you take the other out – the playback stops. It only works in conjunction with an iPhone. With Samsung Gear Iconx, the situation is the same only with Android. But in these headphones, the accelerometer has more tasks. Samsung Gear Iconx has a fitness tracker. It automatically detects when you go, run, and adjusts the time, calculates burned calories. You can simply listen to or track the statistics in S Health.

During your workout, you will be supported by a pleasant, not a computer voice. The IconX has 3.4GB of internal memory for two playlists of up to 1000 songs. You can go for a light workout. There’s also an interesting feature. Because the headphones are noise-isolating, you can turn on sound environment broadcasting.

Headphone control

  • Control AirPods manipulations. How can you control them here?  Here it is – Siri, Play – Pause, Next Track and that’s it.  There’s only one gesture available – it’s a double tap on the right and left earpieces. That way, there three the functions in there, and you can choose only two.
  • Control of Samsung Gear Iconx manipulations. Play – Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, Volume, switching on the external environment, voice assistant, fitness tracker, and so on. These are much more possibilities compared to AirPods.