House Edge in an online casino

House Edge in an online casino

Everyone knows that the casino always wins. On the one hand, this statement may be seen as a weakness of the players themselves, who can’t stop in time and lose their winnings. Others believe that gambling houses are not without fraud on the part of the institution. But there are also such gambling establishments, which have reputable licenses and certificates, and have proven their reputation for years of work.  Honest casinos have their own share of income and it is called House Edge. What it is and why the sites for gambling get their constant profit, we will tell further.

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What is House Edge?

House Edge is a parameter that determines the share of casinos from the turnover of financial means in gambling provided for entertainment. HouseEdge can also be referred to as gambling establishment winnings. Other synonymous meanings of the phrase: income of a game organizer, margin of a gambling operator. Knowing this indicator in popular games, the gambler can weigh his chances and make a strategy with a minimum risk of loss.

How much casino roulette brings

As long as the former variations of roulette, which were the prototypes of the variations known today, did not have a “zero,” the organizers did not have a definite advantage unless they used any fraudulent schemes. After adding the sector “0” to the 36 numbered cells, the gambling house got an advantage in its side by 2.7%. This figure stuck with European roulette. The American roulette has two “zero” sectors. More precisely, in addition to “0”, there is a “00” (double zero). This type of game brings a winning rate of 5.26%.

The most attractive type of roulette is French Roulette, as it brings the casino a share of 1.35%. This is due to the fact that if the ball hits zero, players lose only half of their bets. Speaking of roulette, do not forget that these percentages refer to a table in a land-based gambling hall or, if it’s online, to a live casino with live dealers, where a regular roulette without electronic elements is installed. As for the slot machine roulette or table with the connected software, then the payoff will be the one that laid down the algorithm software manufacturer.


When you play regular baccarat gambling club income is little more than one percent. To be precise: when playing with 1 deck of cards – 1.29%, with 6 and 8 decks – 1, 24%. But the casino decided to increase its earnings and introduced additional rates: on a draw, on a natural pair at the surrender of the player or banker, on a small or large number of cards dealt, etc. In such a case, House Edge casino can be as high as 15.75%.


When playing craps, the casino’s income also depends on the type of bets. If the payout is 1 to 1, it will be in the range of 1.41%. But craps also gives you the opportunity to place various additional bets. They lure higher payouts if you win and vary so much that they allow the gambling house to significantly increase its profits – up to 16.9%.


The lowest income casino gets from playing Blackjack with croupiers. If the game is played with 6 decks, it is 0.5%. When playing with one deck, the House Edge is generally reduced to 0.18%. But these values are relevant when the casino is played by a professional player who does not rule out card counting and the use of basic strategies in his games. Such a visitor is able to turn the result of games in his favor at all. As for the average player, he increases the income of the gambling establishment to 2-4%.

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